The Army Museum of Western Australia, your museum of military history, offers a wide range of learning opportunities that will fascinate students of all levels. Through historical artefacts, artwork, photographs and interactive presentations, the Museum’s school programs help students discover Western Australia’s rich military history.

The Museum story commences nearly 200 years ago and concludes with the present-day military actions.

Our Gallery Guides are trained for the position and as such have a working knowledge of the galleries and their contents.

Friendly guides will tailor the tour to suit the age or needs of the visiting group so as to ensure our visitors have an enjoyable and successful visit. Discover a learning experience you’ll love.

Curriculum Links History

The contents and information from this museum are very relevant to the Australian Curriculum with a major link to history.

Year One: Present and Past Family Life (Pre-1914, World War 2 galleries)
  • How can we show that the present is different or similar to the past?
  • How do we describe the sequence of time?
Year Two: The Past in the Present (Pre-1914 gallery)
  • What aspects of the past can you see today?
  • What can they tell us?
  • What remains of the past are important to the local community? Why?
  • How have changes in technology shaped our daily life?
Year Three: Community and Remembrance (World War 1 & 2, Post-1945 galleries)
  • How has our community changed?
  • What features have been lost and what features have been retained?
  • What is the nature of the contribution made by different groups and individuals in the community?
  • How and why do people choose to remember significant events of the past?
Year Six: Australia as a Nation (Pre-1914, World War 1 & 2 galleries)

What contribution have significant individuals and groups made to the development of Australian Society?

Year Nine: The Making of the Modern World (World War 1 gallery)

What was the significance of World War 1?

Year Ten: The Modern World and Australia (World 2, Post-1945 galleries)
  • What were the consequences of World War 2?
  • How did these consequences shape the modern world?

Seven general capabilities of the Australian Curriculum that can be addressed from a visit to the museum.

  1. Literacy
  2. Numeracy
  3. Information and communication technology (ICT) capability
  4. Critical and creative thinking
  5. Personal and social capability
  6. Ethical behaviour
  7. Intercultural understanding

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All programs can be tailored to the students’ level of learning.

Suitable for Primary & Secondary students

Galleries: Australian Army & Traditions, Pre-1914 Gallery, World War 1 Gallery, Trench, World War 2, Prisoner of War, Post 1945 and External.

A guided tour covering all exhibition galleries and it combines personal stories with important artefacts to reveal how our military heritage has affected all Australians. A chance for visitors to form their own special memories of Australia’s military history and of the museum.

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Suitable for Primary Year 3, Secondary Year 9

Galleries: Trench, World War 1.

A Guided Tour focused on World War 1 – a general or specific study. This journey begins in Western Australia and follows the Anzacs through Egypt to Gallipoli, then on to the Western Front.

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Suitable for Year 10

Galleries: World War 2, Prisoner of War

A guided tour focused on World War 2 – a general or specific study. The Home Front investigates war and women’s emergence in the workforce, how Western Australia prepared for invasion.

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Suitable Year 10 +

Galleries: Post 1945, Prisoner of War

A guided tour focused on Post 1945 – a general or specific study. Keeping the peace investigates the background of peacekeeping and explores some recent peacekeeping operations. Australia’s involvement in UN peacekeeping and Cold War, Post-Cold War conflicts (Korea, Vietnam, The Gulf Wars, Afghanistan).

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Cost of School/ Group bookings
  • Entry, tour for metropolitan students $8.00 per student.
  • Entry, tour for country students $7.00 per student.
  • Entry, tour $15.00 per adult
  • Entry, tour $10.00 per senior
  • Free: Teachers, assistants & supervising parents
  • Free: Teachers pre-visit voucher (valid for use before the booked tour date).

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