Month: April 2019

On Thursday April 18th we had two more special than usual visitors to the Museum.

Ian “Bagzar” Stiles was with the Australian SASR with two tours in South Vietnam. The first in 1966-67 and the second in 1969-70.  Ian also served in the Rhodesian SAS during the “bush wars” 1974-75. He is one of the “SAS legends” and is well written up in histories on the SAS.

Our other guest was Mr. Vo Xuan Thu. Born in Danang in 1950 and now living in Vung Tau.

Mr. Thu is an NVA veteran who served with the 33rd NVA Regiment.

It was the 33rd NVA Regiment that 5RAR was up against in the Battle of Bihn Ba, the 50th anniversary of which is on the 6-8th of June 2019.